Jessica Alba in a Bikini and other things

jessica alba nice ass!Summer continues to sizzle and Jessica Alba becomes out latest celebrity bikini girl!   Drool all you like guys, Jessica is now a recent mom and married, so I guess she is off the market.  I still wouldn’t mind tapping that latina ass though!

Sort of a weird week in my office here, I am trying to teach myself python programming language so that I can do some stuff to keep you guys and gals entertained, I have a few ideas and I hope I can make it all happen.  But learning a new programming language is like learning to walk in hooker heels, it takes some practice!

Did I mention that Jessica Alba has a nice ass?  ( sorry, I looked over at the pic while I am typing, and lost my train of thought!)

Another ugly part of the week has been a pretty much horrible upgrade of the software that runs this site, called wordpress.  Let’s just say that it was bad enough that I didn’t upgrade to avoid the hassles, otherwise you guys might be looking at a blank page right now.  Bad programming and no testing is a horrible combination!

Meanwhile, in the new blog world, may I suggest some Finger Frigging or maybe you prefer some Totally Shaved Pussy?  No matter how you like the pink, I got the pink you like.  Check those two sites out for some nice pussy rubbing and spreading fun.

Oh yeah, sex stories:  check out Sex Stories Links, another great link site for stories!