Jersey Shore Snooki and Other Naughty Things

When it comes to Putaface Celebs, the ones that really suck up to the camera, I think there are possibly none more obvious that Snooki from Jersey Shore. This tiny little guidette has fist pumpoed her way into the hearts of Americans, and her oddly attractive looks have really gotten many people’s attention. She is a tiny bundle of energy, that is for sure. She is possibly one of the best known people from MTV in years (besides maybe that obnoxious teen mom Amber… )

Meanwhile, I have been hard at work on a few different projects. I added a couple of tube video style sites for you to check out, one is Preggers-x, which is nothing but pregnant porn (hard to find good stuff, honestly). The other is You Got Pussy, which is brand new and still sort of getting worked on, it’s more of a general fuck and suck site, I suspect this one will have a ton of videos on it. Let me know what you think of the design. Also, you can check out my Real Nice Tits blog, nothing but nice boobies here. More stuff is coming, I have a long, long list of stuff to do and you guys will get to enjoy all of it, stay tuned! Add my site to your RSS feeds to get updates as they happen, click here!