I Love Hong Kong and Other Stuff

I got to spend a couple of weeks in one of my favorite places in the world, Hong Kong. It’s probably where I will end up living soon enough, I enjoy it there that much. There are plenty of cute and sexy stars on TV there, like cutie Katy Kung Ka Yun. I could spend hours just watching these cute girls walking by, for someone who loves Asian women Hong Kong is like a field trip to heaven! Plenty of naughty men things going on over there too, one day I may actually write a guide to all the wonderful debauchery that makes Hong Kong a great destination for single men everywhere!

Anyway, as a result of the vacation time, I haven’t been coming up with too much stuff. However, if you have a mobile device, you can check out my Mobile Porn Site, it isn’t much yet but I am working on some nice ideas for it. You might also want to consider the very popular Asian Porn Tube site I set up, plenty of hot videos over here to enjoy!