Holiday in the US

Memorial Day weekend is mostly important to me because as an auto racing fan, I get a triple play this weekend… The F1 Monoco GP, the Indy500, and the Coke600… ( you can get all the results by visiting Racing News… )

So as a result, Sunday was spent actually indoors much of the time, enjoying the racing and attempting to get some work done (which I did) and napping out.  This has lead to my current problem, for me it is still Sunday night but it is Monday 6AM.  Not sleeping, not good.  🙁

Anyway, the F1 race was a decent start to the day (got to see it live on TSN, no waiting for the CBS tape delay for me), although Monaco’s track is very tight and not at all easy to pass on, which leads to much of the action coming in the pits as people try to leap frog over other cars in pit stop exchanges.  Michael Schmacher, starting last after a penalty for being creative in trying to keep the pole ran from 22nd to 5th, proof that some passing is possible, I guess, and looked like a better man for doing it.  Alonso won again… the points run away is starting.

The Indy500 was a real classic, decided on the last straight of the last of 200 laps… damn good racing.

The Coke600 was long, with tiny little fuel cells there was something like 20 pit stops, the race took a long time to run, and the last laps a bit of an anti-cliamx.  Congrats to Kasey Kahne, he did a fine job putting a Dodge in the winner’s circle and making sure that Jimmie Johnson didn’t end up there again.

As for work, well, nothing much I can show you at this point, some template development for galleries, and some back office work on sites and stuff that it pretty hard to track down.  You can see some “please fuck my wife” videos if you click here, that is one thing I did today that was public.  Otherwise, it really was behind the scenes stuff setting up for a very, very busy month of June. June will have new galleries, free sites, and blog entires every day, so stay tuned and RSS or bookmark this site, because I will be listing much of it here so you can find it.

I added about 200 new galleries in rotation to Sexy Asian Thumbs…  and reviewed and approved a bunch at Thumbskingdom as well.  Enjoy!