From the outside looking in…

Top story today out of the US: 130,000 illiegal immigrants disappear into US every year.

The reaction in congress is to consider a new law tightening immigration laws.

This is typical of the current state of affairs in the US. There are plenty of good and vaild laws on the books currently to deal with the immigration issues, but rather than working to enforce existing laws, the people in Washington feel the need to write new and more complex legislation, quite possibly to show they are “doin’ sump’tin” about the problem. That “doin'” is going to take more than a year to happen, if it happens at all. I suspect some of them are just hoping that things go away.

The adult industy faces the same problem. There is a law on the books (USC 18 section 2256 and 2257) that regulates the industry, requiring proof of age for models, documentation, and such. These rules were put in place as much because of one Traci Lords than anything else. It’s a good law, it requires that the people who actually take the images get all the model IDs and everything, and keep them on file with the custodian of records that the police and feds can consult as needed if anything ever comes up.

The problem? Not a single conviction has been made in the 10+ years that this law has been on the books. When summoned in front of Congress, the FBI admitted as much.

So, the Department of Justice is attempting to use “executive clarifications” (a process normally used to clarify HOW a law is enforced) to re-write the rules to require huge amounts of new paperwork by adult content producers and distributors, all under the guise of “stopping child porn”.

What these dumbasses don’t understand is that the legit adult industry doesn’t intentionally produce or distribute child porn, and that every case that I am aware of where an underage performer has been found, they have been using false government issued documention to show their age as over 18. Again, in almost every case I am aware of (and there are very few) the girls and boys involved are typically within months of the age of majority. We are not talking about 12 year old girls getting fucked by perverts or 6 month old babies being molested, but over eager “near adults” purposefully misleading people to participate in the adult indsutry of their own free wills.

Not a single child porn “producer” (I think that using producer is an insult to people in the legit adult industry) would bother with paperwork, with model records, or with ID checks. They are not even going to attempt to mislead anyone. They film pre-teen, pre-pubescent children engaged in disgusting sex acts. They are not borderline or almost… they are way out there, clear and obvious as the nose on the end of my face. But alas, the US government feels that new laws, new regulations, and new burdonsome paperwork on the LEGIT industry will somehow stop the production of child porn in it’s tracks.

Sort of like making the Whiskey producers track every bottom they make and recycle the emptry bottles and follow the drunks home, hoping to stop the moonshiners from plying their trade. They two are only related by achohol content, not business model or regulation.

Sort of like creating whole new sections of law to control illegal immigration at the US southern border, rather then just sending in the national guard, more border guards, and setting up processing to get the illegals directly out of the country. Instead, they will come up with even more complex laws to punish people who hire or pay illegals to work for them – which is funny because many a politico has been caught with an undocumented nanny or gardener working for them. It’s BULLSHIT buck passing, putting more burdens on people already following the law, and doing nothing to resolve the real issues that are out there.

Nothing happens because nobody appears to want to make it happen. The members of congress and the house in the US should be ashamed by the waste of time and taxpayer money that goes into keeping their worthless butts in washington.