Free Erotic Stories

I have been at it again… another great use for wordpress, I guess.

A little background.  Some of the first free sites I ever opened on the net were about sex stories.  Y’see, back in the day (before the net) connection speed online was pretty darn slow.  Images could take minutes to download, and hours to get a whole set.  Sex stories, just text, download real quick and with a little imagination, you could enjoy some pretty freaky adventures.  Anyway, I have always enjoyed stories, so there you go.

My newest site is:  FREE EROTIC STORIES.  Basically, it is in a blog format which makes it easy to put things in their right categories, add new sections, and whatnot.  I will add a few new stories each day, and soon this sucker is going to be huge!

Also, I will accept submissions, so if you like to write erotic stories, I might have a good place for you 🙂


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