Dumb players rule

I have learned something totally stunning playing on Party Poker the last little while. There is just enough chance for a crappy hand to win that when you are playing a full table of idiots, someone will stay in with a crappy hand and beat a good hand. Last night I played a number of games, and time and again I was losing hands to people who had stayed in with things like 75os or J5os. I am stunned to see people going all in with 74os. It’s stunning.

I have come to the conclusion that unless you are playing truly big money tables, then Party Poker is NOT the place to play from about Friday noon until monday morning. The moron factor is high, and they are taking hands through sheer luck and nothing else.

I have also noticed the trend in tournaments on TV. Online players making the final table but not having a clue how to bet or how to read a bet. They are playing on balls, luck, and gumption, and often lack the basic skills. Thankfully, at the highest levels, they mostly get blown out.

Chip and a chair applies equally to morons, I guess.