Conservatives circle the wagons around Bush… AGAIN

I caught this thread from conservative commentator Michelle Malkin about The New York Times “leaking” information about how the Bush Administration is going about tracing down terrorists.    I won’t express an opinion (except that Bush has certainly pushed the legal limits on many issues), but what shocked me was the amount of images in this column.

Are we back to World War 2?  Are we all suppose to just eat the government line because “it is good for us” without questioning how far this all goes?  In a land where freedom lives, it should be normal to wonder if something could violate those freedoms.  The images in her column cross the line from “commentary” and move right over to gag the media.  It seems that the conservatives want the NYT to just shut up, and is willing to blame any number of things on them, “daddy died because the NYT talked” and bull like that.

All of this to take the heat and the public eye off of Bush.  Nobody has answered why they are using such extraordinary measures, and such secretive means that are apparently not entirely within the scope of the law.  A brave expansion of executive powers that might not be exactly within what is expected.

Answer the questions, and I am sure that the NYT will print the results and shut up.  If you don’t answer the questions, they will keep asking.