Congrats, your stupid

Okay, let me start off with the link to the story: College guys go wild

There are two trends growing, and honestly, I don’t know which one is worse. This story brings both of them out.

Reality porn started a few years back with sites like bangbus and Mike’s Apartment showed girls getting picked up and “talked into” being on a porn video. In the case of Bangbus, the real trick was at the end they never actually paid the girl the money they promised, and often tricked them into getting out of the van and then driving away. Think of it as a simpistic version of male dominance, on tape and sent out to millions of other potential knuckle dragging cavemen to enjoy.

From my point of view, taken as a humorous aside in life, they are actually really a bunch of fun and play to a harmless fantasy that most people would never even consider thinking about. It sort of plays off the older “pick up a hitchiker”thing, a pretty normal fantasy that has been around since the start of my life, anyway. I will tell you that you probably would enjoy checking out the bangbus trailers because some of them are truly classic pieces of porn humor. Taken in a light hearted manner, some of them are truly side splitting.

Mike’s Apartment is a twist. Guy puts ad in newspaper for temporary room mates for his flat in Amsterdam. A parade of poor students, cheap travellers, and confused locals come through looking for a space to stay, and when they findout that the price of admission is getting naked on camera (and often fucking the mythical “mike”) some run and some strip down and get busy. Again, sort of the stranger fantasy played out well.

The downside of these reality sites is that some people have taken them a little too far, pushing the border of subjects like non-consentual sex and even rape. One of the weirder and less enjoyable sites included ideas like “attacked while sleeping” and “she’ll never know” type sites. This delves into an area that starts to work on matters of judgement and good taste. There are thing, example, that a married couple might do for fun (I will even admit to waking my ex-wife up with some nice munching, which lead to amazing sex) but most of these sites play on “neighbors”, “room mates”, or “sister’s friends”. It is the idea of having sex without waking someone up… and it is, without a doubt in my mind, the portrayal of non-consentual sex, which is rape.

Rape ain’t good, guys.

Anyway, these dumbasses in the article happened to find a buddies’ almost conquest passed out in the living room of their shared flat, and decided after watching some porn that it would be a good idea to blow their load all over her while she slept. Not cool at all.

Guys, if the girl can’t say yes or no, the answer should always be NO.

Anyway, the other trend in all of this is the current run of the press to blame porn for every ill in society. When that Entwhistle dude that killed his wife and kid was caught, they checked his computer and foudn that he was checking out porn and hanging around adult dating / sex exchange sites. Some of the media tried to suggest this as some sort of trigger for what happened. The truth of the matter is that more than 50% of all americans check out porn and enjoy it at one time or another, and that visiting an adult site isn’t exactly unusual or out of place. Only the taboos and morals of the current society keep us from standing around the water cooler at work talking about the fuck movie we watched last night. Porn star girls and guys are well known, most people know who is who. It isn’t a big deal, we don’t talk about it.

So my advice to the media is that you start looking somewhere else for a scapegoat… and guys, keep your dick in your pants when the girls don’t want it. That will keep us from having too many more articles that make the porn business look bad, okay?