Button F1 Champ and More Sexy Girls

Nothing highlights the difference between F1 and NASCAR like how they get to the end of their seasons. This is the final F1 race, the championship is done, Jenson Button is the F1 champ and Brawn the constructor champion, and yet this weekend’s race in Abu Dhabi looks exciting and interesting. NASCAR? Talladega, high banks, pack racing, the big one, and once again Jimmy Johnston leading the points. F1 manages to run full speed, and even the biggest NASCAR fan knows that things are not right in America, that things are grinding to the finish.

Anyway, I have had a busy couple of weeks. My new sexy girl site called Hot Sexy Thing is open, with daily updates(!) of whatever girls or stuff I find that I think is sexy that day. I have a particular soft spot right now for sexy Shyla Jennings, so don’t be surprised to see more of her! I am also syndicating some new stuff into Hard Ballin’ Babes, almost more sex advice than porn, but sort of interesting and worth a look.

Stay tuned, plenty of new stuff coming in the next couple of weeks, and don’t forget to bookmark this blog and come back often! 😉