Bright and sunny and shit

Well, it is bright and sunny today in Montreal and all is well… well… it is well, it is.  What can I say?

I guess I will take my bicycle out later for a lap or two, I haven’t ridden it since the fall so now would probably be a good time.  The weather is reasonable and I can about hack it.  Now with the new roads being built around my house, I can even easily mark off a nice circular route that will let me get some serious exercise without repeating the same crap every 3 minutes.  That isn’t such a bad thing, and will help on my endless quest to shrink myself down to human size 🙂

Speaking of which, the scales didn’t move much over the weekend, but a small change in diet should help.  I am slowly bringing more veg into the deal, and cutting down on the protein / meats a bit more.  It will all balance out, and help my system move things a little quicker.  Overall it is looking fine and the results are what I am looking for, so it is all good.  Back to the gym before the end of the month and everything should work out solidly before summer is here.

I spent part of the weekend looking at RSS feeds for various adult sites.  I am looking at one in particular that will allow me to show a list of girls currently chatting live in video chat rooms, and allow people to find the girl they want pretty much directly.  It is pretty kewl, intereactive. and the girls are hot, so that is good.

I am also looking at ways to bring galleries and other links into sites updated automatically so that I don’t have to wrestle with them manually, and it will help keep the sites fresh and all you people happy to find new shizzznit to enjoy (gotta love me when I go snoop on ya).

For the moment, cleaning up some older sites and improving the flow… it’s all about flow… 😉