Blac Chyna Sexy Text Stories and Fat Girls

fat girls pornIt’s been a busy time around my place for the last little while, and the celebrity universe hasn’t slowed down either. Beyonce has twins (no, not her tits, actual babies!), The Kardashians appear to be slowly wearing out their welcome, and the top news is that Blac Chyna (who married Rob Kardashian and calved a money maker kid with him) went off to fuck some other dude, who sent Rob pictures of his wife naked and stuff in his bed. Rob instagrammed and then twittered those pictures including her naked shaved vagina, which has turned this into a whole other problem. Rob blew her off, and she is back working strip clubs for cash. Go figure!

I turned up another site that I really like, and you should too if you like chubby girls, BBWs, fat girls, or plus sized hotties. Fat X chubby porn galleries is filled right now with scenes from XL Girls, but more are coming as I go along. The best thing about bigger girls is that they usually also have bigger natural boobs, so this site is also for lovers of big natties!

Other than that, just a whole lot of updates on blogs like Bend Over Babe and Hard Fucking Sex. Enjoy!