Baseball and steroids

First off, let me make this clear: I REALLY FUCKING HATE BASEBALL AS A SPECTATOR SPORT. There, got that off my chest. Seriously, baseball is dead dull boring, it even makes accounting seem interesting, mostly because baseball is stats numbers and tons of tons of NOTHING GOING ON. Baseball is rarely exciting, rarely thrilling, maybe only slightly interesting in the 15th inning of the deciding game of the world series 2 outs bases load… and even then, it’s pitch and catch played so slowly that I nod off between pitches.

Anyway, that’s not what this rant is all about, thankfully!

Actually, I was reading this about steroids and I couldn’t help but laugh. Why are the rules of life different for a baseball player than for me? If my previous employers had caught me taking drugs on the job they would fire me AND call the police.

Professional sport needs to take the same idea: When a player tests positive, say nothing. Contact the police. Arrange for search warrants for home, stadium, car, and other personal areas. Then have the police execute the warrants with full media in attendance. Then when you find the drugs, perp walk the millionaire fucker to jail – and then ban his useless drug using ass from the game for life.

50 games, 20 games, 100 games… it’s all useless taps on the hands for millionaire babies that play these sports. Ban their asses for life and give them a nice solid prison record, then we have something to talk about.

Until then, there is a major double standard that really stinks.