August has arrived

I love the month of August. I have been doing online stuff for about 10 years now, and August for me is always the sign of the start of a new year. Basically, what happens is that during the summer, everyone is outside, playing, kids are home from school, and web usage drops a fair bit. The dreaded summer slowdown, where everything sort of goes quiet. But as we get to august, the new sites start coming out, my friends reveal their latest projects, and everything sort of comes back to life. By the 15th of September, the web is back to it’s crazy, busy, wild self as everyone gets back to the normal grid. Another year in the online entertainment buisness starts!

This week I have been working on a few new things. First off is a new web 2.0 style TGP called Totally Free Porn. There is nothing but a front page with 25 galleries on it right now, but I would say visit and bookmark the site because by the time I am done, this one is going to be huge! I like the layout with the titles and info on the galleries, I think it helps everyone to actually click on things the are interested in rather than just randomly clicking on thumbs until you find something. Plus you get to see the category and in the long run also the number of clicks on the gallery, which will help you find which ones are hot.

Also, some big updates as Super XXX Links, I have been adding info on more and more HD video sites, which are really the big deal this year. Nice widescreen movies that play very well full screen on your PC. If you are going to buy porn, at least buy quality porn, right?

Don’t forget to check out XXX Erotic Stories for hot erotica links… tons of stories there if you like that stuff.

More to come, enjoy!