Another day in paradise I guess

Not really, just the same old shit different day.  176 this morning, but well, my hours were screwed up by having to take my car for service really early, so I don’t think I slept a full cycle.  As a result, I take all of today with a large grain of salt.

The car is fine, some stuff I could do to it one of these days if I have the urge, but generally things are okay.  The front sway bar bushings are squeaking again, and lubing them is about as expensive as replacing them, so that will get done some time soon.

Now, as part of my “lose weight get into shape” thing, I am going to step up my badminton (yu ma cho /  羽毛ç?ƒ ).  There is a fairly good league int he west end of Montreal, so I will be working over the summer to see if I can qualify to play at a decent level.  To that end, after 3 years plus of playing the same racquet, I went to buy a new one today (which I will get all nicely strung tomorrow) – a Yonex Nanospeed 7000.  It cost more than all the others I have combined, so here is to hoping that I enjoy it.   It is my reward / encouragement to get back to it and try hard.  The next tryouts I think are in  September, so I have 4 months to step it up bigtime and see where I can land.   I am lucky that i have some friends that are much better players and they will encourage me to try hard.  It is a really good thing, and I think being 20 pounds plus slimmer than before should make the game a little easier to play too 🙂

Motivation is your friend.