Saturday… a day like any other, I guess

Well, here I sit at my desk, contemplating stuff.

I am posting this in more than one section today because, well, all sorts of stuff in this one post.  My mind is being it’s usual ADHD self, so I am thinking about 10 things at the same time.  I am not joking when I say that during this post I will likely go away to another window at least 5 times, check mail, and basically get lost in non-related and unimportant things as it happens.   It is the nature of my slightly fried and very hyper brain.

Atkins wise:  Yesterday was not the best day for me.  I felt tired all day, listless without much energy.  My weight remains a pretty unchanged 175, which makes me think I have hit either a metabolic wall or there are other issues I am not grasping.  I am eating pretty much “by the book”, but I am pretty much stuck.  I am also not enjoying the lack of energy that I have had for a few days now, so I am looking for alternatives.

Well, today I guess I took the other route, and went out to eat.  Woohoo, I actually went out and ate something that wasn’t measured, checked, or weighed.  Lovely.  Kojax (a montreal greek fast food style deal) is pretty good, so I stuck to an Atkins version of it:  Meat, more meat, and some more meat… with salad and feta cheese.  1/4 of one pita bread (about the size of a dollar bill cut in half) as my carb break buster (more on this in a second) and hot sauce to dip and enjoy to make it all good.   I came home feeling pleasantly filled but not over stuffed, and I surprised myself by finishing the salad pretty much before I touched much of the meet.  In my mind, that is a pretty good deal.

As for the Pita, well, I know that is a big no-no, but I am starting to feel that my carb count per day might have been a little too far under for it’s own good.  This is doubly so because I am about to start working out more (badminton at least 3 times a week, plus bike and some weights) and after the crappy feeling I got on Tueday after playing, I don’t want to take the chance.  Tuesday really put a little fear into me, as I am really feeling that my carbs were so low that my body was not even able to refill and replentish my muscles as I exercised, which left me pretty weak towards the end and playing poorly, plus making me feel a little sickly.   I got the same sort of feeling after riding my bike as well, and that makes me think that I am not getting quite enough carbs to work out properly.   Regardless of diet, working out is important and having enough energy to do it is as well.  So I am more than a little freaked out on the concept.  So today I added in 1/4 of a pita (nothing big) which should have put in about 8 or 10 extra grams of carbs.  I will be careful the rest of the day not to blow the number out, but I need to see what if anything that will do for me.

I can tell you that after a long sleep (about 10 hours) and a decent meal, I am feeling quite a bit better and more focused.  I was really sort of losing the plot last night, and that bothers me no end.   I was so gone out that I didn’t even wake up on the alarm this morning to check out Formula 1 Qualifying, which is something I pretty much always watch.  I also missed the practice sessions, which is pretty strange for me.  Proof if nothing else that i really haven’t been myself.

Now, on to other more fun stuff.

First off, I added live chat feeds directly into  If you go to the new sites pages (click here) you will see a new window called “really live now”.   This really is a live feed, with a number of camera options.  You can open a free account over there and chat with the lovely girl, or just enjoy the view.  It is live from Amsterdam, and it is freaking hot!

Second I am still working on the new 1 hot tgp.  This site has a nice mix of galleries and such, and I am adding a ton of new ones every day.   I will be adding some great archive pages over there shortly, so you will be able to find everything you love 🙂

I am going to work on some stuff this afternoon and this evening, so I will come back to post more as it happens.

Have a great Saturday!