The End Of The Year and New Beginnings

in-the-raw-end-of-the-line The end of the line for some is the starting off point for others. One of our Western world traditions is the idea of the new year’s resolution, where for the magic passing of the arbitrary calendar date from December 31 to January 1, we resolve to fix all that was wrong and we wouldn’t or couldn’t fix before. For many, that means losing weight or stopping smoking. For me it’s a bit more of a practical thing, there are certain files and systems I use that require year end maintenance to get ready for the new year, so that is more where I end up this time of year. In fact, I have done it pretty much every year since I watch Y2K come and go as a magical nothing, so perhaps it’s a family tradition or something!
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Good Things Come to Those that Wait, Bad Things To Everyone Else

the fingerMost people who know me know that I am (a) a pretty nice guy at heart, and (b) an opinionate dick at the same time.  A few times in my life my opinion has gotten me in deep shit, sometimes I think it’s because I actually tell the truth people didn’t want to hear.  A certain incident a number of years ago sort of split me from a webmaster community I was part of for a very long time, and while it seemed like a bummer at the time, it actually proved to be for the better.

The funny part is that I was recently cruising around and ran across the person who I “told the truth” about, totally by accident.  A little checking and a little Twitter reading got me back up to speed on this person, and realized that what I had said was almost entirely true.  Moreover, that person’s choices may have in fact screwed them out of something that should be very important to them.  I feel sad for them for a loss that they aren’t even noticing, but more over I feel a small amount of vindication in knowing that I got it right.  As a result, I feel sad for many of the people who ran me off of a community based on my opinions.  Oh, for what it’s worth, most of those who ran me off have since left the webmaster world because they couldn’t hack it when it actually became something they had to work at, not just party about.   So for them, all of them, I give them this wonderful middle finger (from Wikipedia of all places) to let them know that I am thinking of them and trying not to laugh too loudly.

Meanwhile, back in the world of porn (a happier place, I think) I have had a fairly production little while here.  After having to shut down a number of TGPs and Tube sites as a result of insecure software and software that wouldn’t run on a modern server, I have been working to rebuild.  One that is coming back from the dead is my Big Bust Babes site.  It was link off TGP (links to other people’s galleries) but now it’s an internal gallery site.  So everything comes up in good fashion, there are no dead or blind links, no redirections by third parties, and the image quality is better.  Only about 20 galleries, but I am adding more all the time and the old ones won’t get removed, so you can don’t miss these big tits girls and enjoy.

Also, Lust Galleries is making a comeback in the same way.  These sites all have their own hosted galleries, which makes them “integral” and more enjoyable to surf around, I love working with these sorts of designs and I see it as the future – maybe a little less raw content, but more quality and better presentation.  Oh, these sites are all generally mobile friendly porn site as well!

Not a Repost, Amanda Bynes Goes Batshit Crazy Again

amanda bynes bathsit crazy I can honestly say that I am not shocked to be writing this, but it is a bit sad.  Just over a year ago grown up child star Amanda Bynes lost the plot, and ended up held on a 5150 psyche exam thing, which turned into a conservatorship by her parents because she was bipolar and a danger to herself and others.   She was literally batshit crazy.  Well, the doctors got her on the right meds, and Amanda recovered nicely, returning to school (fashion) and generally seeming to be all that more normal.  Well, a year on, everything was going well and the conservatorship ended, and the predictable happened:  She apparently stopped taking the doctor provided meds, started to smoke a lot of weed and stuff, and well, Amanda Bynes went batshit crazy again.  She literally took the plane to crazy town (New York for her) and spent a couple of weeks wandering around being weird, shoplifting, smoking dope, and generally just sort of scaring people.  In the end, Sam Lufti (the guy who apparently took advantage of a fucked up Britney Spears just before her conservatorship happened) and told her that he would help her sue her parents back in California.  He arranged the car to pick her up at the airport, which instead of taking her to the promised lawyer, instead took her to a hospital to get locked up on another 5150 – and the parents are back looking for a conservatorship again.  Literally, she went batshit crazy again, and hopefully this time she gets the support she needs for the rest of her life, not just long enough to get the bats out of the belfry.

Meanwhile, on to better things.  You can have a look at my new Tube site, 2K TUBE, which has a ton of videos on it and more getting added.  It’s new software and I am just getting use to it, but it looks like it might work okay.   Also, there are plenty of updates around, including Thumbskingdom with a ton of new galleries and a hot layout, and also Lust Galleries - tell me what you think of this new design!

Mercedes Javid Reality TV Desperation and Free Cams

intheraw-mercedes-javidReality TV is sort of the inverse of a mirror on society at times, because it seems to be that the shows create an idealized or aspiration view of the universe. It also has a habit of spewing papparazzi friendly and photogenic people for sites like TMZ to fawn over. Mercedes Javid is that sort of star, this Iranian American is on a show called Shahs of Sunset, and her most notable contribution appears to be her hefty cleavage – this gal has some seriously huge boobs. She started the show being quite chubby, but bravely did some pap pleasing bikini shots anyway. The resulting shots were either empowering for larger ladies, or a source of ridicule. It certainly did give the show some exposure, if you pardon the pun. Well, she has taken off a whole lot of weight (but managed to keep the boobs) and she is back doing pap pleasing bathing suit shots. It’s sort of sad to realize the level of promotional desperation that goes with this stuff, and also sad to realize that some people actually think that these shows are completely real. Ah well!

Meanwhile, on the subject of free cams – we got them! Please cslide on over to SEXXX4FREE for a free live chat room, literally click enter and the inside page has a live chat room, and you can get a free membership and go to town. It’s good fun and yes, it’s totally free to enter the chat room, so don’t be shy! Also, you may want to click on over to the revised 1 Hot TGP, sort of trying a different way of doing things to see if you guys like it, let me know what you think. Finally there is OKFAP, which is a hardcore version of NudeBB Babe Blog, this time with plenty of hot hardcore action – and just about daily updates too… let me know what you think!

Breaking The Chain And Moving Forward

intheraw-breaking-the-chainOne of the very basic things I have learned in more than 20 years of online life is that nothing stays the same forever. In fact, if anything does stay the same, you should watch out, it’s about to fail! Running websites online is a true challenge because every day, I face the issue of falling further and further behind if I don’t run as fast as I can. For most people running adult websites, the last few years have been much harder than anyone expected.

I have seen a number of people I considered friends close down their websites, sell out, or both. Some days it feels like I am the last shop owner in a dead shopping mall, where all the other stores have moved out and I am the only one left pushing stuff. But it’s a failed perception because it’s not an empty mall, it’s just that the shops don’t look anything like they use to, and it’s much harder to see where business gets done.

This could end up being a longer post, so rather than mess you all up early, I will break it into a “read more”. However, before I do, cheer me up (and make yourself happy) and get a free live sex webcam chat account over here. It’s really a good deal, there is plenty of free stuff and the action is hot!

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Bering Sea Gold and Other Things

intheraw-emily-riedelOne thing that is for sure, I have always been a bit of a dreamer, a wild adventurer, and pretty much a crazy guy.  Perhaps it’s why I enjoy shows like Deadliest Catch so much, because the people invovled are hard workers but also very unique individuals.  It seems Alaska draws more than a few people like that, and recently I have been really getting into and enjoying a show called Bering Sea Gold (and the winter Bering Sea Gold: Under Ice).  It’s all about the people who dredge for gold off the coast of Nome, Alaska.  It’s pretty much a boys club except for Emily Riedel, a 20 something girl who has gone from innocent newbie to tough boat owner in a couple of seasons.    It’s amazing to see what people will do for money, how the desire for gold drives them more than a little crazy I guess.   A very interesting show, and I figure it must be hell to actually film it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the last month or so has been my endless moving nightmare or celebration, depending on how you look at it.  I have certainly gotten to see all of the back 40 of my online empire, and found stuff that made me giggle, like really bad pages made back in 1998 or so.  Fuck, I have been at this too long!   Anyway, I did change over Sexxx4free to a live cam show site, go on over, click enter, and you are immediately in a live chat room, and there seems to be a lot of couples fucking on there there days.   I also updated my Wife Sex Stories site with some new stuff, and a great blog style design that makes it easier to get around.   Other than that, it’s a real grinder.

Don’t forget to check out my new XXX BS Network twitter account for tons of updates!



Moving Day and Stuff

intheraw-onetripNo doubt about it, real men do it in one trip, right?  Seriously though, the idea of migrating hundreds of websites by myself, without too much outside help has been a bit of a torture test for me. I sort of went into it all with my eyes wide open, but at the same time I wasn’t really ready for all it has entailed. It’s a lot of work.

That said, I am happy with my new hosting arrangements, my stuff is split over different hosts for the first time in probably a decade, and with good reason (that I can’t really go into here). I can say I was amazed at how much hosting has changed, how different the pricing is, and what the options are out there. Many of the changes I have made are to improve website performance, to make the way the sites load more reactive, and such. it has also allowed me to update many sites to have more responsive style themes, which should make things easier for people using mobile and tablets, which is really become a big part of the online world.

So stay tuned as I get everything settled down and moving forward again. I still have a solid week of work to do, but it will soon all be done and I can get back to the serious business of keeping you guys and girls entertained! Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out Free Porn Pig’s Porn Party!

Destiny Moody Gives You The Finger And Other Hard Things

destiny moody fingerI truly think I have fallen in love with sologirl Destiny Moody. This girl is super hot and sexy and matches a killer look and a hot body with a playful enough attitude to make it all fun. I laugh at her silly shots and drool on her lovely breasts, she’s a walking dream.

Her finger may be about work, because that’s all I have had the last little while. I am in the process of going through literally hundreds of domains, thousands of websites, and nearly a million pages of html and images in a wild spring cleaning blitz. So much has changed in the online world in the last few years, and to be honest it’s a little overwhelming to keep up with. It takes a lot more effort to maintain so many sites, so I am looking at some changes. So sorry if you run into any dead links or redirections in the next few weeks, it’s just me cleaning stuff up and making it possible to bring you the best online entertainment I can. The truly good news is that I have a number of new sites that have proven to be quite popular in basically inpromoted pre-release, and as soon as they are up and rocking I will be here to tell you all about them. One thing for sure, Free Erotic Stories continues to be a new site that does well, so check it out and bookmark it and tell your friends too!

Phqer Says Give a Phqe or Enjoy One porn videosAs I mentioned in a few posts, I have been working on a few new things and some new projects with some interesting people, like Phqer Phqe. The new site is – and yes, it sounds like FUCK to me! Basically, it’s a combination gallery pile, image pile, video pile, and pretty much everything else pile. It wasn’t really suppose to be released yet, but nasty old Googlebot managed to sneak around the “opening soon” sign and started indexing pages and sending visitors, so there was no choice. Phqer is still uploading a bunch of stuff, you can expect at least a few new galleries every day and some great video clips too, as he loads the site up.

You can also follow Phqer on his twitter account here, and suggest some ideas, updates, whatever you like, he’s all ears and very interested to know what you want to see on the site, who’s hot and all that – get him on twitter and tell him what you think!

Puke on Lady Gaga and Other Better Things

lady gaga pukeI find it sort of amazing to follow the progress of Lady Gaga, she went from nothing to something (many say on the back of blogger / media whore Perez Hilton) in a very short period of time, became well known for her always in character lifestyle, and pretty much managed to keep people’s attention for a while with reasonable but somewhat forgettable pop music. Well, Stefani Germanotta (her real name) has been on a horrible slide the last couple of years, from ducking out on a tour because of an injury to an recent album that really sort of sucked, she has hit hard times. She has been trying to keep the public’s attention but has been failing even in that. What we stared at with open-mouthed shock has turned to horror. At a recent gig at South By Southwest, she actually hired someone to puke on her in the middle of the show. It’s certainly gotten her plenty of attention, but is such an obvious ploy for attention that it’s quickly backfiring on her. People are realizing that Lady Gaga doesn’t have the music they want, and in the end, that is what is important. So puke on Lady Gaga, that attention whore’s 15 minutes are thankfully up.

Now for the better things: More upgrade and more improvements in stuff. Check out AAA Sex Videos, this porn tube site has gotten a major upgrade with a new back end and whole new catalog of content, and it automatically updates with plenty of new clips all the time. Same sort of idea for Amateur Adult Videos, which uses the same back end to bring you a quality porn video experience. Both are worth checking out. Also, don’t forget to check out the updated All Free Erotic Stories, with another story added every so often to keep this site perking along. Finally, check out Tiny Asian Tits if you like small breasted Asian girls, this site got a full revamp and some new posts, and looks pretty darn good!