Big Brother Brouhaha and Other Naughty Things

ginamarie zimmerman sexyI have to say, there is something sort of sadistic for anyone to even want to be on Big Brother. The serious fail ratio on these shows is very high, as people put down their guard and just say the stupidest things. GinaMarie Zimmerman found that out, when she was caught on camera referring to welfare checks as “N*gger insurance”. Awesome stuff, certainly getting her some serious media exposure, for all the wrong reason. She got kicked off the show and lost her real job. You gotta figure that this girl isn’t long from the world of porn, she’s certainly better looking that Octomom and Tanning Mom, so why not? GinaMarie Zimmerman is sexy in a swimsuit, that is for sure, she would probably look pretty good in a naughty wife threeway video too!

Anyway, aside from getting a good chuckle over that one, I have been enjoying the random holiday schedule of life. July 1st is a big one in many countries, and July 4th of course is good in the US. A good indication of how the porn world is going, this is the first year that I didn’t get hit with a ton of patriotic galleries and promo shots of the girls. In fact, it’s been pretty much one of the weakest years for themed porn shoots, giving me a sad indication that too much of what is out there now for sologirls is shot way too far ahead. On the plus side, I did a conversion on my All Free Erotic Stories site, moving it over to a blog / news style format as a test. I really want to see if this is a popular way to do things, more stuff on the front page for direct access, I guess. Other than that, just updating as usual, adding more videos to Porn Star Videos, and generally trying to make it all work. Also still adding more sites and galleries to Porniki, the Porn Wiki, including some nice stuff from My Wife’s Hot Friend and Teen Mega World for you to enjoy!

Tanning Mom Sex Tape and Pokerstars Macau

tanning mom toplessI can’t make this shit up! Tanning Mom, famous for shoe leather skin, recently shot topless pics on a beach and tried to use them as an audition to get Vivid to let her make a sex tape, saying “”I am far MORE popular and WAY HOTTER than Farrah!” and “Men want a cougar and a real woman, not a teenybopper!”. Fuck me! Vivid’s answer was pretty simple, stating that she pretty much has a face for radio. Zing!

Meanwhile, I was in Macau yesterday (long story) and got to play in one of the first tournaments at the new Pokerstars Live at the City Of Dreams. While I am sure they aren’t checking out adult blogs, I have to say congrats to them for a nicely run event (record single day tournament record for them), and the facility is pretty darn nice. I didn’t make the money, but I did place in the top third, not bad considering it’s my first real tournament in years. If you get the chance to visit Macau, it’s worth the effort… especially if you are a single guy and love sexy Asian girls!

Meanwhile, in the adult world… Hot Sexy Thing blog is turning out to be one of my most popular sites, plenty of new bookmarks there recently and hot girls every day. Also, I have added a number of pornstars to Porniki, with galleries and stuff for Cindy Starfall, Sasha Grey, Stacie Jaxxx, and Christy Mack. I always try to add some new stuff over there, bookmark the site and tell your friends (or use the facebook / G+ / Twitter buttons to like us and spread the word!).