Another site sees the light of day

I have been a busy little (canadian) beaver…

Sexy Whore Hardcore is my latest TGP / MPG thing.  100% of the galleries on this site are movie galleries, and always will be.  It is a single page site for the moment, but I am going to work on the archives sections over the next couple of days so there will also be links by category… all nicely sorted and all.  I like the look of the site (I paid someone to build it because my shit never looks that good) and I am filling in the blanks and getting it all up and happy.  I like it, and I am sure you will like it too!  Bookmarks it and tell your friends… over 100 new galleries total each day 🙂

Click here for Sexy Whore Hardcore

Some nice and new yummy stuff

Okay, some new yummy stuff for you to enjoy:

Kyla Cole: Penthouse pet yes, sexy, yes… and a skilled carpet licker… oh yeah! Click here to see more of her!

Evelyn Lory: From the other end of the tits scale, Evelyn Lory is a sexy and petite chested girl… I love this photoset! Click to see!
Hot Erotic Stories: I had a girl over the net come to me a couple of years ago and dare me to write a story about her, using only the facts that she was 18 at the time and loved to ride horses… and that she wasn’t very experienced in the sex world. So I wrote Rodeo Games, a very hot and sexy story with a nice little older / younger twist in the middle.

Porn Pig: I continue to work on my blog aggregator Porn Pig’s Porn Party. I have someone off now developing a great theme for the site, and I have added a couple of new blogs on there in the last couple of days. I recommend bookmarking it because this site I think is going to be popular!

Updated: I also finished up a new look for Go Stories Erotic Stories Links… this is one of the first sites I have developed using pretty much 100% CSS, trying to make the site a little neater and cleaner and to get away from the sloppy ass HTML I use to do. I think the site looks nice and light now, and the links are easier to read… plus the page loads MUCH faster because there is about 40% less code on the page. Win win all around, I think. I am going to be adding some stories and archives over here soon too…so enjoy! Bookmark this one if you love stories.

I am working on some other stuff as well over the weekend, so more to post soon, I am sure!

New site: 1 Hot TGP

I love comus thumbs.  It is a pretty amazing program that lets people like me create great thumb TGP sites without a million years of program and manual thumb making.  It is an amazingly flexible piece of programming, and a real boon to site making.

Itis also also directly a boon to anyone who loves porn.  I try hard to put it into action any time I can, and this is one of those times:

Fresh hot porn galleries @ 1 hot tgp is my latest creation.  It updates all the time, and I have packed it with some very fresh galleries (many more movie type galleries) and some of the classic best galleries.  I am putting a ton of stuff on here, so there will be some archives up soon.

Check it out!

Some updated and stuff

Okay, a few new things on the table today:

Let’s start the game with two new gallery sites.  If you like it visual with thumbs and things, check out 1 hot TGP… all thumbs and hot to look at.  If you want major league bulk, then check out RAW 2000 – 2000 galleries text linked right on page 1, no muss no fuss.  It’s all good!

After that some hot updates:

You like them sexy, petite, and a little punk?  Check out this hot entry at Little Tit Site for a hot punker girl.

Next up is the always hot Tawnee Stone.  Want to see her coochie?  Click here for Tawnee Stone Pussy Pictures!

Do you like asian girls?  Do you like MILFs?  Put them together and you get asian MILF – click here to see the movie!

There is some other stuff I will post up later… but there is a good start to your day 🙂

Raven Riley… all sorts of stuff

Okay, three great things for you to check out if you are (A) a fan of Raven Riley, or (b) just generally like sexy teen babes getting naked and stuff

1 – Raven Riley’s Jean skirt – 2 galleries of this teen stripping down.

2 – Raven Riley at – 10 hot pics

3 – Top 20 Raven Riley galleries from Sexy Amateur Thumbs

Gotta love when all the good things come in three… 🙂

Free Erotic Stories

I have been at it again… another great use for wordpress, I guess.

A little background.  Some of the first free sites I ever opened on the net were about sex stories.  Y’see, back in the day (before the net) connection speed online was pretty darn slow.  Images could take minutes to download, and hours to get a whole set.  Sex stories, just text, download real quick and with a little imagination, you could enjoy some pretty freaky adventures.  Anyway, I have always enjoyed stories, so there you go.

My newest site is:  FREE EROTIC STORIES.  Basically, it is in a blog format which makes it easy to put things in their right categories, add new sections, and whatnot.  I will add a few new stories each day, and soon this sucker is going to be huge!

Also, I will accept submissions, so if you like to write erotic stories, I might have a good place for you 🙂

Enjoy! – another good blog

Okay, I will admit it, I am a racing fan.  Actually, I use to race a little bit (I have a couple of trophies) and I enjoy racing no end.  Pretty much anything from formula 1 to lawn mowers.  Racing is kewl.  Anyway, I have owned this domains for a couple of years, and I didn’t really do anything with it, so I decided to step up and make it happen.  So, check out racing news and let me know what you think about it.  I will update it pretty much any time I find something interesting going on, it won’t be like a definitive news source, but I am a fan, and fans find kewl shit all over the place 🙂

Little update, Racing News was closed out (way too much time to get everything up to date all the time) but I do have Motorsports on Stuffchannel here.